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* This Game is Band and Illegal For Some State

* This Game is Leagal For Indian But Some State in Not Approved For is Legal, Bihar, Maharastra, and Tamilnadu, Mumbai, in this Game is Legal But Goverment are Not Allow For There District and Village. so This Game to Play Hidden and Illegal Way For Every Where.

* In which state goverment are allowed this game they are play otherwise not play this game.

* Indias in Kalyan,Main Mumbai,Bharti Day & Bharti Night, Rajdhani Day & Rajdhani Night, Milan Day & Milan Night,Gali,Disawar,Gaziabaad,Faridabad,Time Bazaar, Game is Very Popular and it's Game to Play 20,000 Disticts and 50 Sates and 3 Country in Very Popular This business and Play it More people.

The games are play by any method players are understood that have how to play the games. After understood the game then have you to play. If have any problem our suggestion then you visit our site that is If you have interested the play for Matka game then you played We are made of site for all players. you are getting the scope for lot of money from the market that are kalyan,Milan day, Rajdhani day,Milan night,Rajdhani night and main mumbai etc.

Satta Matka Open

In the open matka game there have between Zero(0)to Nine(9)digit,Same as close also. one of the open have one digit respectvley.before the playing of jodi open are necessary to play because who have loss on jodi they have leave by the opens you played how many money there from you play on jodi low money.Because in case jodi is going to fail you covered by open and have a chances 100% to 105% so in the matka game open are necessary to play.

Satta Matka Close


Satta Matka Panna


Satta Matka Red Games


Satta Matka Jodi

JOdi are taken from two digit.In this two digit that have 10 to 99 numbers but two digit of jodi difference from three(3) types.That called one type of jodi second are half doubling jodi and full red doubling jodi respectvley. One of the open have 10 jodi in this jodi there have between one jodi are full rd or full doubling and half red also have half doubling etc.1-Jodis are 10,(11),12,13,14,15,(16),17,18,19,20 in this jodi 11 is a full red jodi or full doubling and 16 jodi is a half doubling jodi.